SPIRITUALITY | Jesus Meek and Humble of Heart

Meek and humble: that's how Jesus defines himself. It makes use of these two adjectives through which they characterize them.


Meek: kindness, delicacy in treating people; not violent, someone who through words and through their example of life teaches us acceptance, forgiveness and great tenderness. Humble: the profound humility of Jesus is revealed, he does not put himself above others; he is not arrogant, on the contrary, he becomes a servant of all. He does not hesitate to offer his life and devote all his time for others, especially the least, the poor, the last. (Lk 4:18) Listening to what Jesus says, looking at his face, hope is reborn in the most suffering hearts of society. Publicans and sinners can see in Him the face of God the Father and His merciful love. Before God who is the Lord of heaven and earth, he too, as a man, feels “small and humble” among the “little ones on earth,” happy to share his condition, happy to see that God, who has always had a predilection for the humble, now it is revealed to this “little one” that He is.

To invoke Jesus as “meek and humble” of heart means to follow his teachings and to know that this is the way of manifesting our love for God and also the way of loving our brothers and sisters.

In this Heart we place our trust. We want to devote our lives to Him and, with the attitude of a disciple, to learn how to live the great commandment of love. Our devotion to the Heart of Jesus requires on our part a determined attitude to walk the journey with Him, to place ourselves in his school and with an attitude of generosity to dispose of the heart and the will to imitate him in his gestures, words and attitudes. Therefore, we can characterize discipleship as a requirement for imitation.


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus confirm our desire to love him ever more and make him known and loved by the example of our lives.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust and hope in you!

Ir. Maria Irene do Nascimento, ASCJ