First Synod of the Young Apostles

This synodal journey was inspired and permeated by the action of the Holy Spirit and the constant presence of Mother Clelia


From December 26, 2021 to January 2, 2022, the Synod of Young Apostles took place. The young Sisters were invited to "listen to the newness of God in the footsteps of Mother Clelia”. They were days of open hearts, where listening reigned above all: listening in the Liturgy that was celebrated every day in different languages, listening to the work teams, listening during moments of recreation and during times of sharing, moments that allowed everyone to understand, even in different languages and different cultures, the newness of God.

This deep listening was necessary to discover that the dreams that each one carried in her heart were in harmony: that all the Sisters of the Congregation bring to the world the tenderness of the Heart of Jesus.

Sr. Noelia Rodróguez of the Latin American Delegation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: "These were days of renewing my heart, investing in the future that begins today with hope and having the courage not to stop loving in everything and at every moment.

I thank Mother Miriam and the Council for this great opportunity, thank you to each Sister for every moment we shared. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus fill us with his love and may Mother Clelia lead us along these new paths so that we may always follow in her footsteps.”

For Sr. Caroline Silva, of the Brazilian Sacred Heart Province: "The Synod was a surprising and beautiful experience to be able to get to know and to listen to the Sisters from different parts of the world, to be able to Listen to the Spirit and recognize the Charism in each one of us! It gave me an even stronger sense of communion of the Congregation, and it gave me courage because I know that we all want to walk in the same direction!"

Sr. Giulia de Luca to the Mother Clelia Italian Province: "They were intense days from many points of view but I carry with me many things to reflect on and the beauty of being part of a large family that very much wants to continue walking together despite the differences that are normal and part of the baggage of every person and culture! I am even more convinced of one thing and that is that what we should focus on, Love, love that must circulate first of all among us, a love that is based on the Word and on the awareness that nothing is so simple and obvious, but that only in this way will it be possible to put into circulation that Charity and Tenderness of God!
So I can describe my experience at the Synod with these words: listening, openness, way, unity, charity!"

Sr. Clara Mahilia Roache of the Mary Queen of Apostles Province adds, "Being able to participate in the Synod of Young Sisters, was a blessing and a gift for me. Not only did I meet new sisters, but I also had a chance to reconnect with Sisters that I knew before.

These days together renewed my sense of belonging to our Congregation and the feeling of being part of a larger family. It was an affirmation of God’s gift of charism and community to us, and the blessing that we are to each other. I was humbled to hear the thoughts and dreams of my Sisters and to listen as they shared their heart’s desire for our Congregation. As religious women, we seek to imitate Christ’s love in the world, and I felt that passion in each Sister’s voice.

Overall, I feel immense gratitude, joy, and pride in being an Apostle of the Sacred Heart, and hope I can live this authentic love that I felt here when I return home.”

Through these various voices  we are able to experience a bit of the beautiful experience of this important Synod. See the photos below: