The Meaning of Lent for us Christians

A time for prayer, charity, and sharing. A time to get closer to the word of God and to find Christ in our neighbor.


The Catholic Church considers Lent, the period between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week, one of the most important times of the year because it is a time of preparation for Easter, and therefore a time that requires reflection and some sacrifices, having as a reference the suffering of Christ until his resurrection. 
An example for us would be the penitent act of not eating meat, especially on Fridays, Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. The act of eating meat is linked to the issue of feasting, of great banquets. Therefore, not eating this food reminds us to practice simplicity in the attitude of eating. It is an evangelical attitude.
However, more important than going through privations, the Lenten period proposes us a time of reflection and that the example of Christ helps us to go through an inner change. Lent is this penitential time. 
Three essential practices for the period are prayer, charity and fasting. It is 40 days for us to reflect, to grow in conversion and in openness to God. It is also a time for charity, for sharing with our brother, to know the word of God more and to see Christ better in our brother, especially in the neediest brother. 
So let us find time to improve our prayer, to pray for the needs of our world and of each person. Fasting helps us to deprive ourselves of something so that others may have something to eat. In this way we exercise charity towards those who need it most. 
The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus wish you all a good Lenten season. A good time of preparation for the great feast of the Resurrection of Christ. If we live this way we will experience the joys of Easter.


Text written by: Sr. Maria Josefina Suzin, ASCJ