Canonical Visit of Mother General to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Latin American Delegation

It has been almost a month of many journeys and sacrifices, but also a journey of great love


On February 5th, our Mother General, Mother Miriam Cunha Sobrinha, arrived at the Latin American Delegation "Sacred Heart of Jesus" and on the same day, after the end of the Provincial Chapter in Curitiba, Sister Marinha Tusset, the Provincial Superior, together with Sister Claudia Toselli, the Delegation Superior, arrived to accompany Mother Miriam in her visit to the 10 communities that make up the Delegation.

After the opening Mass of the canonical visitation, celebrated on February 6 in our community at the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" Spirituality Center in Villa Elisa, Argentina; Mother Miriam Cunha Sobrinha along with Sisters Marines Tusset and Claudia Toselli, began the visit to the communities that would meet with each of the sisters in an attentive dialogue. Although the time she was able to visit each community was very short, we experienced true fraternal encounters around the Word of God through the practice of Lectio Divina that encouraged us to grow in Love, and enriched among other things sharing the particularities of each country, each culture, some short trips to nearby places, Mother Miriam's testimony regarding the progress of Mother Clelia's cause for canonization....

It has been almost a month of many trips and sacrifices, taking into account the great distances between some of our communities located in 4 countries: Argentina (6 communities), Paraguay (1 community), Uruguay (1 community) and Chile (2 communities) and the context of Covid 19 that we are still living. We greatly admired the simplicity, closeness and desire of our superiors that we grow as Apostles, encouraging us to discover together the newness of God for our consecration, our community life and our mission as Apostles.

After the closing Mass celebrated on Sunday, February 28 in the community of the Colegio Santa Margarita María de Alacoque in La Plata, Argentina, during the last fraternal sharing, Mother Miriam highlighted two general aspects that she was able to perceive in the Delegation: simplicity and trust in Providence.

The presence of Sr. Tusset among us was also very significant. She expressed her joy in being able to have a broader knowledge of our reality in order to exercise, with more clarity, the service that the Lord has entrusted to her as our Provincial Superior.

We can only thank the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mother Clelia for this time of grace that renews us and encourages us to rediscover all that we are invited to improve and grow through the guidance of our superiors.


Text written by: Sr. Betiana Palacios